Whats-Holding-You-Back-from-Your-Fitness-Goals-Contender-CrossFitWhat’s holding you back from your fitness goals? If something is standing between you and getting results, what can you do about it?

Here are a few suggestions on how to conquer some of the common obstacles that might hold you back from achieving your personal fitness goals:

You haven’t defined your fitness goals.

If you haven’t defined your fitness goals, this could hold you back from success. A vague goal like “get in better shape” is pretty hard to achieve. It’s hard to do because you won’t be able to tell when you’re “in better shape.” Without specifying the fitness results you want to see, it will be hard to be successful.

You haven’t laid out a plan for achieving your goals.

Once you have a clearly defined fitness goal, the next step is to lay out a plan for how you’ll accomplish it. Without a plan, it’s challenging to get results. If you’re not sure what that plan should entail, ask for some help. Share your goals with your coach and get some guidance on how to best form your plan.

You keep running into obstacles.

As you work toward a fitness goal, running into obstacles is inevitable. Instead of trying to find a way to avoid obstacles, find a way to manage them. If you struggle with losing motivation for your workouts, figure out what you’ll do if you start to get bored. Think of ways that you can mix up your routine and add some variety. Finding ways to deal with your obstacles will help keep you on track.

You’re still working on creating a consistent workout routine.

A consistent workout routine can go a long way toward getting results. But it’s not always easy to create that consistency. Remember that consistency doesn’t mean the same thing as working out every day. Figure out a workout schedule that works for you, your calendar, and your goals. Maybe that’s getting in four quality workouts each week. Once you start establishing that routine, leave some room for life to happen. Suppose you expect perfection, where you do every single workout that you plan. In that case, you might be setting yourself up to feel disappointed.

You haven’t found a way to make working out enjoyable.

When you have fun with your workouts, it is much more likely that you’ll stick with them. If working out isn’t enjoyable, it’s hard to accomplish your goals. You won’t love every aspect of every workout that you do, but try to find something positive about your commitment to physical health and fitness. Maybe it’s the people that you work out with that make it all worthwhile and enjoyable. Focus on having fun!

A supportive community can also bring you closer to your fitness goals. To learn more about what the Contender CrossFit and Contender WhiteCap communities are all about, contact us today.