What-Individualized-Programming-Can-Do-For-You-Contender-CrossFitIndividualized programming comes with a lot of benefits. It can help you zero in on your personal goals and get results. At the same time, it’s a great way to gain some accountability and maximize the time you spend in the gym.

Here are some more benefits of individualized programming and what it can do for you:

Focus on or learn a specific skill.

Is there a particular skill that you affectionately call you “nemesis?” Working with a coach and getting some individualized workout programming can help you tackle and learn that skill. Maybe you’re close to getting double unders? Or your first muscle up? Or you might want to dedicate some time to practice your technique on the Olympic lifts. While you’ll get some practice in your regular group classes, doing focused work around a skill can help you level up in the learning process.

Improve a weakness.

Along the same lines of learning a specific skill is spending some time to improve a weakness. Maybe endurance is a weaker area for you, and it’s tough to add in running, rowing, or biking on your own. Individualized programming can help you improve your endurance while holding you accountable.

Come back from an injury.

Individualized programming can also be beneficial if you’re coming back from an injury. While it’s not meant to take the place of physical therapy, it can help you highlight everything you can still do while avoiding any movements that aggravate a previous injury. Coaches are great at coming up with modifications and substitutions. So if you’re feeling limited on what you can do, work with a coach and get some personalized programming and workouts.

Train for a specific event.

Are you signed up for a competition or event? Do you feel like you could use some extra training to prepare? Work with a coach to tailor your workouts to prepare you for your upcoming event. Whether you signed up for your first half marathon or you’re thinking about participating in an upcoming competition, personalized workouts can help get you race or competition ready.

If you have specific goals and are looking to maximize your time in the gym, our Contender coaches will dive into your needs and create optimal workouts just for you.

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