Shift-Your-Focus-and-Become-More-Resilient-Contender-CrossFitA disruption in your daily routine, including your workout routine, is enough to throw any or all your good habits off the rails. Rather than spending mental energy on what you’re no longer able to do, do what you can to shift your focus and become more resilient.

Resilience is a skill. Just like you train and develop proper technique for an Olympic lift, you can train and develop resilience. Here are a few ways that you can become more resilient by shifting your focus:

1. Pay Attention to the Process.

Now is an excellent time to take a look at your fitness and performance goals and make any necessary adjustments. Rather than focusing on an end result, like setting a new back squat PR, pay attention to the process. What goals can you set around healthy habits, processes, and routines? Here are a few examples of process-focused goals:

  • Drink ____ oz. of water every day.
  • Train four days a week for forty-five minutes.
  • Log every workout in your training journal.
  • Practice yoga for thirty minutes one day a week.

2. Work on Your Form.

When you’re not able to attend your regular CrossFit classes, you can still work on improving and maintaining your fitness. It’s also a great opportunity to take a step back and return to the basic, foundational skills. Rather than worrying about not having a barbell loaded up with weight, take some time to work on your form. Use a piece of PVC pipe or a broom handle and practice moving with good technique. Use this time to only use your body weight and improve your form in a variety of different movements. You might be surprised at how challenging it is.

3. Build Self-Discipline and a Consistent Routine.

When you’re working out at home, everything you need to train is right there. It’s so convenient, but it can also be pretty distracting. Rather than giving in to those distractions, now is your chance to develop even more self-discipline and work on staying consistent with your workout routine.

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