Workout-Tips-for-Returning-to-the-Gym-Contender-CrossFitIf you’re preparing to return to the gym after an extended break, here are a few workout tips to consider as you’re making your comeback:

1. Set realistic expectations.

As you’re getting back into a gym routine, make sure that you’re managing your expectations around your workouts. As tempting as it is to set goals around what you were doing in the past, your previous workout times, weight, and intensity levels may not yet be reachable. Adjust your expectations as necessary so that you don’t wind up frustrated or discouraged once you return to the gym.

2. Be patient and gradually ramp up intensity.

It can be exciting to get back into the gym! And it’s easy for that excitement to push you to do too much too soon. It’s great that you’re excited, but do your best to curb that energy and be patient. Ramping up too quickly can lead to potential injuries, so take your time and gradually ramp up your intensity.

3. Give yourself a chance to adjust to a new routine.

As you change up your routine to include gym workouts once again, give your body a chance to adjust to your new routine. Especially if your previous workout routine has been inconsistent. As you’re building some consistency back into your workouts, again, set realistic expectations and be patient.

4. Expect some soreness.

Even after a few weeks away from the gym, and even if you’re careful about ramping back up, you will probably notice some soreness once you get back into the gym. Especially as you do more and more movements that you haven’t done for several weeks.

5. Listen to your coaches.

When you return to the gym, use your coaches as a resource. Especially if you struggle with holding back or being patient. Let their suggestions guide you as you get back into a consistent routine.

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