Reasons-to-Work-Out-with-a-Group-Contender-CrossFitNo doubt about it, working out is good for you. There are so many physical and mental health benefits to regular physical activity. But when you work out with others, the list of benefits gets even longer.

Here are five reasons to work out with a group:

1. Increase Accountability

When you work out solo, the only person holding you accountable is yourself. Some people have the discipline to create a solid solo workout habit, but not everyone can maintain it. Sometimes we need an extra boost of motivation and accountability. Working out with a group can provide this boost. Once you start working out with the same group of people, they will notice when you’re not at class and offer encouragement to get back to the gym.

2. Build Relationships

When you find a group activity you enjoy, chances are that you’ll have a few other things in common with the group. Even though you might have different backgrounds, experiences, and levels of fitness, you’re spending time with people who like the same things you like. And over time, these common interests form the foundation for strong relationships.

3. Get Variety

Let’s face it, going to the gym and doing the same routine each time is going to lead to a plateau in your fitness level. Coach-led group workouts can give the variety that you need to mix up your workouts and see results.

4. Have Fun

Sweating your way through a workout can be challenging. But when you do the same workout with other people, it can make it just a little bit more bearable. It’s true – not every workout you do is going to be fun. But the people that you’re working out with can not only push you but also remind you that it can still be fun.

5. Just Show Up

When you’re working out on your own, making a plan for when you get to the gym can sometimes be just enough of an obstacle to prevent you from going. When you are work out with a group, all you have to do is throw on your shoes and head to the gym. Just show up.

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