Take-a-Positive-Approach-to-Your-Workouts-Contender-CrossFitTaking a positive approach to your workouts can help you achieve your fitness goals and get the results you’re after.

Here are three ways to take a more positive approach to your workouts:

1. Be aware of your self-talk.

What’s the first thing you say to yourself when you see the WOD either on your phone or on the whiteboard?

Burpees?! I hate burpees!
Ugh, overhead squats.
There’s no way I can go Rx with this workout.
I’ll never get muscle-ups.

Do any of these comments sound familiar? If so, then your negative self-talk could be holding you back from a good workout before you’ve even started.

Your self-talk has a lot of power over your workout mindset. Before you can flip the script and come up with something more productive to say to yourself, you must become more aware of anything negative. Then you’ll be able to catch yourself in the future and reframe negative self-talk into something more positive.

2. Come up with a plan for completing a workout.

Once you’re aware of your negative self-talk, next is to come up with a way to reframe those thoughts into something more positive. One way to reframe your negative thoughts is to come up with a productive plan of attack. Rather than telling yourself, “There’s no way I can go RX with this workout.” change your thoughts to something like, “Today, I’m going to scale the weight, but I’m going to go unbroken with the reps.” Focus on what you will do instead of what you can’t.

3. Celebrate your wins.

Okay, yes, celebrating your wins sounds a little cheesy. But recognizing even small accomplishments can go a long way in improving your mindset and your motivation. When you complete a workout, find something about it that went well. Rather than telling yourself, “I should’ve gone faster.” or “I used to be so much stronger,” identify a win. Maybe you tried something new, or you showed up for an additional workout this week. Find something successful and celebrate it.

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