Music-Makes-Your-Workout-Better-Contender-CrossFitWhen you go from working out with a group at the gym to working out on your own, it might seem like something is missing. Not only are you on your own, but you might also be missing your gym’s high-energy music playlists.

Music makes a difference in your workouts. And here are six ways that music can make your workout better:

1. Music motivates you to work harder.

Have you ever tried to do a workout with intensity in complete silence? It’s not easy, and it can be kind of awkward. When you contrast that silence with a high-energy playlist, most people will find that music makes them work harder.

2. Music makes a tough workout more bearable.

Not only does music motivate you to work harder, but it can also make a tough workout more bearable. Whether you’re working out in the gym, at home, or outside, music can get you through challenging workouts.

3. Music can keep time from slowing down.

Have you ever started a workout and looked at the clock a few minutes into it only to discover it had really only been thirty seconds? Sometimes time seems to standstill. But music can help with that perception.

4. Music helps with pace and coordination.

Working out to a song with a good beat can help you pace through a longer workout. Keeping time with a song can even help you coordinate your body movements.

5. Music reduces your perceived effort.

Another benefit of working out to music is that it can actually lower your perceived effort. Rather than feeling like your effort level is a 7 or 8 out of 10, a good song or playlist can reduce your perceived effort level.

6. Music eliminates distractions.

Depending on where you’re working out, you might be surrounded by a variety of distractions. Not to mention the thoughts in your mind can also be a source of distraction. Music can help eliminate a lot of those distractions and give you something to focus your attention on.

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