Happy New Year! It’s a time where fresh starts and healthy habit changes are on our minds. Typically, this is also the time of year when many people resolve to lose weight. And we get it. Who doesn’t want to lose weight or look and feel good?

Weight loss is a tricky goal. And as a new year’s resolution, it tends to result in frustration and disappointment. But it turns out that resolving to lose weight isn’t the only option that could have a positive impact on your lifestyle (and your waistline).

If you shift your focus to habits that promote good health without stepping on the scale, you might be surprised by the results. Here are eight health and fitness goals for 2020 that aren’t about losing weight:

Food and Nutrition

1. Replace processed food with whole foods.
You don’t have to go crazy and throw out everything in your entire pantry. But deciding to replace one processed food with an unprocessed alternative puts you on the right track of changing your diet. Start by focusing on your snacks or tackle one meal at a time.

2. Cook ______ meals at home each week.
If you typically eat out, this could be the year where you make a shift to eating more at home. Figure out how many meals you could cook at home each week, but be realistic.

3. Try ______ new recipes each month.
One of the obstacles preventing you from cooking at home might be that you have no idea what to make. Set a goal to try a certain number of new recipes each month. Trying new things is also a great option if you get bored with cooking the same things over and over (and end up eating out to get some variety).


4. Get ______ hours of sleep each night.
When you get six to eight hours of sleep each night, you’ll notice positive changes in your life and daily workouts.

5. Create a recovery routine.
If you keep telling yourself that you need to “stretch more” or use a foam roller, now is the time to create a solid and consistent post-workout recovery routine.


6. Increase your weekly workouts.
If you’re reading this and you already work out seven days a week, then you might be better off with a different goal. However, if your average workout attendance is one or two classes a week, work on increasing your average this year.

7. Learn something new.
What skill or movement have you been eyeing but haven’t stepped up to learn? Now is the time to make a plan to master a new skill.

8. Hit a PR.
Make your focus this year on building strength. Pick a specific movement (or two) and train to hit a new PR.

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