Avoid-Workout-Burnout-Contender-CrossFitGetting regular physical activity leads to many health benefits. However, a workout routine that ends up out of balance in some way can lead to feeling burned out.

Here are a few ways to avoid workout burnout:

1. Keep a Workout Log.

Keeping track of your workouts has many benefits, including avoiding burnout. You can customize the type of information that you record in your workout log, but it’s a good idea to track the days you train, specific movements, intensity, duration, and how you felt. It’s also important to keep track of recovery or rest days. Maintaining a workout log can help you see patterns in your training program that could potentially lead to burnout. For example, if you train for several days in a row at a high intensity without any rest days, continuing that pattern could lead to overtraining, injury, or burnout.

2. Work on Weaknesses.

Once you get into a good CrossFit routine and feel more comfortable with the movements, you’ll start to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Some movements you’ll love and others you’ll dread. You might look forward to heavy back squats or cleans but dread double unders and thrusters.

You may start to skip workouts that include double unders, thrusters, or any of the movements that aren’t your strength. But when you avoid your weaknesses and only train the movements that you’re good at, this plan can end up leading you to burnout. Training the same movements over and over takes the variety out of your workouts. And a lack of variety can lead to fitness and performance plateaus. When you’re no longer improving, it can make you feel stuck in the same place. To get the variety back, work on your weaknesses.

3. Update Your Goals

Goals should challenge and encourage you to continue getting results from your workouts. If you’re heading toward burnout, then your goals could use an update.

Take a look at your goals and determine if they’re still relevant. Are you still motivated to put in the work and achieve them? If not, it’s okay to make some changes and set goals that you’re excited to work toward.

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