Add-Yoga-to-Your-Workout-Routine-Contender-CrossFitCrossFit has a lot of physical and mental benefits. And if you’re looking for ways to supplement your training, yoga is a great option!

Here are three reasons to consider adding yoga to your workout routine:

1. Breathe better.

Throughout a yoga class, each movement is paired with an inhale or an exhale. The focus on your breathing helps you pay attention to what’s happening on your mat and nothing else. With practice, you train your body to breathe better as you move. This improvement translates to your CrossFit workouts, and you actually get more efficient with your breathing. When the intensity of a workout increases, your breaths become less shallow, and you’re able to get oxygen to your working muscles.

2. Improve flexibility, balance, and alignment.

Yoga can help you become more flexible, balanced, and aligned. Moving with proper form and technique is at the foundation of every CrossFit workout you do. And if you’re limited in your range of motion or alignment, it can lead to inefficiencies in how you move and a potential injury. By adding yoga to your routine, you can address some of these limitations and ultimately move better in your workouts.

3. Recover strong.

Certain styles of yoga are great active recovery options. On days that you need to move and get blood flow to your muscles, yoga is an excellent option. Just make sure you stick to lower intensity yoga styles where you’ll move more slowly and hold poses longer than a power of vinyasa yoga class.

If you’re planning to add yoga to your routine, here are some tips for getting started:

  • Include a few poses (stretches) after a workout, but no deep stretches before.
  • Stick with lower intensity (non-vinyasa) class if the goal is active recovery.
  • Learn from an experienced instructor.

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