5-Ways-to-Stay-Motivated-Contender-CrossFitWhen it comes to your workout routine, one of the challenges you may experience is a drop in motivation, so here are five ways to stay motivated for your CrossFit workouts:

1. Set and Revisit Your Goals

Setting personal fitness goals goes a long way in staying motivated. You have a clear idea of what you’re working toward and what you want to accomplish. Just as important is making sure you are revisiting these goals regularly. If you write down a goal, but you never come back to it or check in with your progress, then your motivation will be affected.

2. Track Your Progress

A great way to revisit your goals is to track your progress. Keep a workout log or training journal, either paper or digital, where you record your workouts and results. On the days you feel like you’re not making any gains, you can look back at this log and see how much you’ve accomplished. You have tangible proof of all the work you’ve already put in which can fuel future and continued improvement.

3. Buddy Up

One of the benefits of working out with a group is an increase in accountability and motivation. You can take the support of others one step further by buddying up with one or two people and making them your accountability buddies. And this accountability goes both ways. If you skip a workout, your workout buddies will know. And if your workout buddies skip a workout, you will know.

4. Give Yourself a Break

We want you to aim for consistency in your workouts. Consistency helps get results. But we also know that things will happen that are beyond your control. Life happens – you get sick, or you need to travel for work. When something happens that disrupts your workout habit, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you miss a few days, accept that setbacks will happen and then take the next opportunity to get back on track.

5. Keep Learning

The variety you get with CrossFit is one of the things that keeps people motivated to keep coming back for more. There are always movements to learn, scale-up (or down), and refine. Because of this variety, you always have the opportunity to learn. So rather than getting stuck doing the same movements over and over, with CrossFit, you can keep practicing something new.

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